Sessions by pre-paid appointment only.

Office located in South Torrance (90505).

* Emails will be returned within 72 hours, Mon – Fri 10AM – 6PM, excluding weekends and holidays.


Sessions by pre-paid appointment only.

Office located in South Torrance (90505).

* Emails will be returned within 72 hours, Mon – Fri 10AM – 6PM, excluding weekends and holidays.

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May 22, 2024

For a first time experience speaking with Marisa was a pleasure. She really explained in detail what I needed to know. I received many confirmations. She mentioned details that I had never told anyone about before! So much clarity so much love and light.

It was a blessing to have scheduled a session with her.

Really would love to schedule more sessions again sometime in the future.

Nicole A
January 17, 2024

I’ve sat with Marisa a few times and after each session I feel so much lighter, open and secure with myself and the universe around me. She makes it so easy to process your thoughts/emotions and speak to your loved ones. This has helped transform my grief and my relationships with the loved ones who have move on. She is a very special soul and you will love being in her presence.

November 26, 2023

My husband and I have been meeting with Marisa for more than ten years now. We usually have one or two readings each year. Sometimes we skip a year and sometimes more frequently. It depends on life. We have had many incredible experiences. She has guided us and helped us. There is one experience that stands out above all the rest…

My husband headed to the east coast to help his cousin (who is a nurse) care for his 89 year old uncle (I will refer to him as UC). UC was a proud former U.S. Marine and truly an amazing man. UC was my husband’s surrogate father (my husband lost his father when he was 16) and best friend. My husband and UC worked together for years, talked on the phone frequently for hours and had a truly unique and special relationship. UC was a tough man with a genuine kindness and wonderful sense of humor. UC was now in the hospital and wanted to be home. My husband went, helped his cousins to bring him home and care for him, and stayed with him until his passing two weeks later.

My husband was distraught, depressed and physically drained following UC’s death. We returned home after the funeral and coincidentally had an appointment scheduled with Marisa the following week.

We arrived a bit early and sat on the bench outside of Marisa’s office in the beautiful atrium. As we waited, my husband said to me “look at all of these crazy mushrooms on my watch” (he has an iWatch). As I looked, after a moment, I realized that they weren’t mushrooms – they were a kaleidoscope image of the last picture I took of UC when we visited over the summer – he was standing outside his front door waving goodbye to us. There were about 12 images of him circling around the face of the watch, waving to us! I asked my husband if he put that image on his watch and he replied that he did not.

We went in for our reading and began as we usually do – saying hello to my mom, my husband’s parents and a few other relatives through Marisa. Then about twenty minutes into our reading, Marisa stood and said she had to check something. She walked out of the room (this is very unusual for her to step out of the room during a reading) and returned with her cell phone in hand. She left it in her kitchen during our reading, as she always does, and it was turned off, as it always is during a reading. She showed it to us and said it is playing a song. There was an image on the screen. Marisa showed it to us and asked if “enigma” meant anything to us? My husband and I both told her that my husband’s doctors call him an enigma and he would tell UC that during their long conversations.

Marisa acknowledges UC has arrived. She described how he looks. He relayed that the music was his way of showing us that he is a very powerful soul. She asks UC if he put the photo onto my husband’s watch – he replied yes, he did do that.

UC acknowledges that he did not want to die in the hospital and was glad that he was at home. He makes several other acknowledgements that happened during the two weeks that we confirmed to Marisa.

UC then offered a birthday cake to me. It was my birthday during the time my husband was with him and UC said that he was sorry that my husband was not home with me but grateful that I was ok with him being there with UC (of course!).

I left out a lot of the personal details, but have to say that once again, we were incredibly grateful to be able to communicate with our loved ones through Marisa. It is heartwarming, therapeutic and so incredibly amazing to spend time with her, each and every time.

A month or so after the reading, my husband was driving and heard the song that we heard on Marisa’s turned-off phone. The band was Enigma, the song was “Sadness”.

UC’s photo still appears on my husband’s watch. People suggest that it linked to my husband’s phone and the photo loaded to the watch. My husband’s reply is that he has thousands of photos on his phone – this is the only photo to appear on his watch.

As mentioned, we have seen Marisa many times over the past ten years. We have also gifted readings to relatives and all were very pleased and did make appointments to see her again. Some via telephone or FaceTime due to distance.

Marisa is a blessing and we are so very grateful to have her in our lives.

Wishing you all love and light…

June 6, 2023

I was introduced to Marisa by a co-worker after my mother had passed. My world was crushed and Marisa made me as whole as I could be after such a loss. I’ve been back to her many times and every time is an experience of a lifetime. She’s beyond real, angelic and brings peace to such an unpeaceful world we live in. She’s helped me through some of the roughest and toughest times in my life. YOU ARE A BLESSING ON EARTH!!

Shelly Juarez
April 20, 2023

One month after my 21 year-old daughter died suddenly, I met with Marisa. I was hoping that she could somehow help me deal with the devastating loss.

When I arrived, I was very anxious and overwhelmed, but I was very open to hearing from my daughter. For 80 minutes, Marisa conveyed messages from my daughter, with pinpoint accuracy from start to finish. At times, it sounded like my daughter was speaking directly to me, with specific references, her tone of voice, and choice of words.

When Marisa explained that we sign a contract when we are born that determines what we are to accomplish during our lifetime and when we will die, it lifted the heavy guilt that I’d been carrying, thinking that I could have saved my daughter by getting her to the hospital sooner. For the first time in a month, I thought that I might be able to begin the healing process and take a step towards the future. Knowing that I could not do anything to change my daughter’s contract gave me a sense of relief.

I am extremely grateful to Marisa for sharing her gift with me and if I could afford it, I would meet with her weekly. I will definitely be meeting with her again. I think that everyone could benefit from meeting with Marisa because of her keen intuition, generous heart, and loving soul.

Jill K.

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A Hybrid session is a combination of Spiritual Life Coaching and Mediumship. We connect with your “Spirit Council”, both your loved ones as well as your Spirit Guides. Often they assist with difficult questions or help you make choices when you encounter a speedbump, as well as validate life choices. They help us navigate what needs to be paid attention to or what guidance they see that’s needed to help you live your best life as well as cheer you on. 

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This choice is you wanting to connect with your loved ones that have passed and hear what they are doing, experiencing and seeing in the afterlife. I only channel souls who have crossed over to God’s white light. 

This type of session often helps with answers and closure for many clients. I use my gift to bridge between our world and the spirit world. I DO NOT EVER CHANNEL DARK ENERGY. I am a fourth generation intuitive guide. It is a spiritual experience that seeks to validate, console, heal and offer “Love from Above.”

* If you select to have a Mediumship session, during “checkout” you may add 1 guest to attend with you either in person or on FaceTime (Apple devices only) for an additional $150. This option is not available for phone sessions.