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Office located in South Torrance (90505).

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Sessions by pre-paid appointment only.

Office located in South Torrance (90505).

Contact Me : 310.431.8200
( Text Only * )

* Texts will be returned within 72 hours, Mon – Fri 10AM – 6PM, excluding weekends and holidays.
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June 6, 2023

I was introduced to Marisa by a co-worker after my mother had passed. My world was crushed and Marisa made me as whole as I could be after such a loss. I’ve been back to her many times and every time is an experience of a lifetime. She’s beyond real, angelic and brings peace to such an unpeaceful world we live in. She’s helped me through some of the roughest and toughest times in my life. YOU ARE A BLESSING ON EARTH!!

Shelly Juarez
April 20, 2023

One month after my 21 year-old daughter died suddenly, I met with Marisa. I was hoping that she could somehow help me deal with the devastating loss.

When I arrived, I was very anxious and overwhelmed, but I was very open to hearing from my daughter. For 80 minutes, Marisa conveyed messages from my daughter, with pinpoint accuracy from start to finish. At times, it sounded like my daughter was speaking directly to me, with specific references, her tone of voice, and choice of words.

When Marisa explained that we sign a contract when we are born that determines what we are to accomplish during our lifetime and when we will die, it lifted the heavy guilt that I’d been carrying, thinking that I could have saved my daughter by getting her to the hospital sooner. For the first time in a month, I thought that I might be able to begin the healing process and take a step towards the future. Knowing that I could not do anything to change my daughter’s contract gave me a sense of relief.

I am extremely grateful to Marisa for sharing her gift with me and if I could afford it, I would meet with her weekly. I will definitely be meeting with her again. I think that everyone could benefit from meeting with Marisa because of her keen intuition, generous heart, and loving soul.

Jill K.
April 2, 2023

What a beautiful person Marisa is! You can trust her explicitly with your true self. Her incredible knowledge, insight and love she express while in a session makes you feel grounded, secure and able to process what she is saying and to move forward in your life. She has a delicate way of giving you the knowledge and the experience you will have afterwards will leave you feeling grateful. Marisa is truly a gift and if you can have the opportunity to connect with her you will love the results. I look forward to having another session soon as I was not prepared for how deep we got in a short time. What a wonderful person Marisa and her team are! Thank you for all you do! 💚

February 18, 2023

I am not sure where to start. My son died. He was 14. He committed suicide and I found him. I can’t get that out of my head. I have been in therapy, psycho therapy, EMDR for the last 6 years. I didn’t believe in the “super natural” at all…. Until my son hung himself. I spent years in my logical head and I can’t explain with words but I needed something else, I wasn’t hearing what I needed.

According to how I was raised a devoted Catholic .. my sweet boy that I loved so much was where in hell? Was he lost? Was he still hurting? Can he see me ? What if he hates me so bad and never ever wants to see me again? I needed answers. But by who? because felt like God failed me. One last hug one last I love you that’s what I wanted. I would be willing to be Jones less if it gave me just one more day with my funny, soft hearted, kind son. My therapist said to me have you ever thought about experiencing a heart true Medium ? I said NO … I sat there and she then said you keep telling me and showing me for the last three years you would do anything to talk to him. So, let’s see if we can make that happen.

She told me about Marisa. She said maybe research mediums and see if that’s something you would be open to maybe … five months later I reached out to Marisa and her team. I received a VERY long informational text message and I sat with that for about three weeks.

Then they sent a follow up email just letting me know if I didn’t get the info to let them know and if I did, then they are there when I was ready.

What if I chose the wrong one ? What if I screw up again?! Then my therapist said if you aren’t comfortable within the first 10 minutes of your reading and you tell her that, she will return your funds 100%.

Now, I have nothing to loose. I was so nervous, and fearful.

She sent such exact instructions that it made it easy for me to navigate. Once I was in her office I felt like I was going to throw up. I was going to leave, she then came out to get me and all of a sudden I felt better. She made me feel so safe and heard. She explained a lot in the beginning as well so that I could have it on my recording to hear for later. I am very glad I recorded it. I was expecting something completely different in my mind and I will tell you this, My SON came through her very fast and excited. What I learned through sitting with her is that he proved he was around me by things in my home, that nobody would know. That I haven’t shared with my friends and nothing on my social media platform. I have to tell you my head was spinning from the experience, not in a bad way in a “there’s a lot to absorb.” She gave me a paper with a bunch of words on it. Some of the things written she never spoke about. Yet, they still fit. A few things that went over my head because of my own grief, my therapist and I listened together and she put those unknown clues together. It was the first time in over 6 years that I felt a piece of my son. It gave me a peace of mind in a way that I can’t explain, and to some I might sound crazy but nothing has brought me more peace then that time I took that risk and explored outside of my comfort zone. The most uncomfortable thing that I’ve done actually brought me the most comfort in the end.

I highly recommend an experience with a known medium who people have referred to you by word of mouth. I finally slept an entire night through and that was a gift within its self. God Bless you Marisa. Thank you !

Heather G.
February 8, 2023

Marisa and I were introduced through a family member back in 2019. At that time I was going through a divorce and my session with her helped me find clarity and peace with my situation. She communicated to me in a way that spoke to my soul, and left me feeling confident and comfortable with specific decisions that needed to be made. Since then, I have visited her every 6 months for a reading and each time I continue to feel supported, loved, enlightened and impressed with her gift! Sometimes I have specific topics to discuss, other times I am just curious what my spirit guides and loved ones wish to share with me. Regardless of my reason for the visit, I always leave feeling happier and with some goals to work on. Throughout the years I have referred multiple friends and family for readings, ranging in age from 16-70 and while everyone’s experience is different, they all share a common positive outlook on what lies ahead. I highly recommend Marisa to all who have been led to her. <3

Anna Lyke

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Hybrid Session

A Hybrid session is a combination of Spiritual Life Coaching and Mediumship. We connect with your “Spirit Council”, both your loved ones as well as your Spirit Guides. Often they assist with difficult questions or help you make choices when you encounter a speedbump, as well as validate life choices. They help us navigate what needs to be paid attention to or what guidance they see that’s needed to help you live your best life as well as cheer you on. 

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Mediumship Reading

This choice is you wanting to connect with your loved ones that have passed and hear what they are doing, experiencing and seeing in the afterlife. I only channel souls who have crossed over to God’s white light. 

This type of session often helps with answers and closure for many clients. I use my gift to bridge between our world and the spirit world. I DO NOT EVER CHANNEL DARK ENERGY. I am a fourth generation intuitive guide. It is a spiritual experience that seeks to validate, console, heal and offer “Love from Above.”

* If you select to have a Mediumship session, during “checkout” you may add 1 guest to attend with you either in person or on FaceTime (Apple devices only) for an additional $150. This option is not available for phone sessions.