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My Story

Sessions by pre-paid appointment only.

Office located in South Torrance (90505).

* Emails will be returned within 72 hours, Mon – Fri 10AM – 6PM, excluding weekends and holidays.

Once I made peace with others and myself, my wings opened up and here I am flying with one of the most amazing and beautiful gifts anyone could ask for.

My Story

I feel very blessed that I was born with the gifts of deep intuition and the ability to be guided by Spirit, Angels, Ancestors, and passed loved ones also referred to as “Above” or “Spirit Council”.

I am often asked if this is something I have had all my life and the answer is yes. I come from a line of Intuitives that can be traced back four generations to my Great-Great Uncle Noble. He was a remote viewer/intuitive who assisted in locating missing children. At first my gift didn’t seem unusual to me. I assumed everyone could hear voices or God. As I grew older, I learned that I was different. I scared people because I knew things no one else knew. When I spoke about it, people said that I freaked them out. I lost friends because of my intuition. I was frustrated and wondered, “Why do I keep receiving messages and sometimes warnings that come true?” I pushed my gifts aside and kept things to myself out of fear.

I always felt a presence with me. When I was in third grade, I remember sitting at the top of the stairs talking to different voices. These were no imaginary friends. It turns out the voices were different spirits and they were telling me “you will help others.” At the time, I didn’t understand who these voices were, but they felt safe and true within my soul. It was a knowing that still remains and is my gift of higher awareness.

My first significant spiritual experience was in the late ‘90s when my grandfather died. Within two days of his death, he spoke to me, only I didn’t realize it was him. I remember thinking, how does God have so many voices? Why is he sometimes a woman and sometimes a man? Why does his laugh change and sometimes sound like that of a child? I kept thinking the voice I was hearing was God until he called me “Cookie”. It was then that I realized I was talking to the spirit of my grandfather. My grandfather was a very powerful and positive force in my life. His love for me was unconditional. Our special bond is what allowed us to connect after his death. He was the start of me opening my vessel to help others.

In 2007, my brother died of brain cancer. I knew the day and time he was going to pass away. Shortly before he passed, he told me that he was going to make my life much easier, and he was right. After his death my life did become easier than years prior. I believe he was preparing me for the adventure we would embark on through the next phase of my life, with me here on earth, and him on the other side. His death changed me. It really brought to light the wrongs that I had done in my life and highlighted what I had to surrender to make them right. It made me want to be the best version of myself. I had to release negative energy before I could fully open myself up to be a communication source for others. His death made me realize that life is so short and that we all have a purpose. I was not fulfilling my purpose. I needed to stop questioning my existence, I had to change my outlook in order to break old patterns, and to promote a better life for the new, evolved me. If I had not made those changes, I would not still be here with the ability to help others.

Once I made peace with others – and myself – my wings opened up and here I am flying with one of the most amazing and beautiful gifts anyone could ask for.

In daily meditation, I thank above for blessing me with the ability to relay messages and help guide others through Spirit in their own personal journey.

I’ve always gone against the grain and been a “black sheep”, or, as I have learned, I’m the “Rainbow Unicorn”. My thought process is unique and I learn differently than most. I was never this way by choice. It’s just the way I was born and has always been a constant and frustrating battle.

From 1985 to 2011 I’ve held over 85 jobs, most of the time working two at once. I’ve never had time to breathe. Eventually I was put on temporary disability for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, migraines, and depression. Being on leave forced me, for the first time in my life, to slow down. It made me take time to not only breathe, but to start to understand what was going on in my mind. It was a very hard place to be. Now that I understand my gift, I see I was just trying to function in this world while constantly dealing with the Spirit world.

I have dyslexia and dyscalculia. I was diagnosed with ADHD and I struggle with OCD which is why I process information the way I do. My brain is wired differently than most…This is what it’s like to be in my head daily: it feels and sounds like I’m in a room with 75 people talking at the same time, with a big screen TV blaring, a radio playing only commercials, a bell ringing, white noise, and a train pulling into the station. There has always been a constant static in my head, and now I know why. So while I refer to my “gift,” it can also be a double edged sword.

The final turning point for me was at an appointment with my therapist. I walked into her office and before I even sat down, I said, “There’s a man in the corner, late sixties, early seventies.” I reassured her that I knew it sounded crazy, knowing I was the only one who could see him. It turned out the spirit was my therapist’s uncle who had passed away earlier that day. I sat down and explained to her what I was being told and shown. It was very specific and exact. My therapist confirmed and validated information as I gave it. I spent the next 3 hours outside in my car, crying…because in a blink of an eye, things started to make sense. To this day, the whole experience seems surreal. This was the epiphany that led me to explore my wonderful and amazing gifts. It was the right place, the right time, on the right day, and it was astounding. Everything began to change very fast and my understandings magnified in a way I couldn’t ignore any longer.

“It’s not up to you what you learn. It is merely up to you whether you learn through joy or through pain."

– from the book A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson

This quote is very relevant to me. I learned through pain and from this comes my ability to understand others’ pain and have compassion for them on a deeper level. As an empath, I have learned that we need to find our own supportive community. I am a genuine person, my life experiences have taught me to have an amazing sense of humor, integrity, and the ability to help others without expecting anything in return. Through this work, I’ve begun to learn through joy in assisting others in many aspects of life. Watching a client light up with a connection or a revelation, is one of the best parts of my contract here as a lightworker. 

My drive to help others has never wavered. I have always been a giver, even when I had nothing to give. I help with charity events, hands-on activities, and raise donations for those in need. I have always said if I could get paid to help others that would be my dream job. It’s amazing to realize that the one thing I was wishing for the most has been with me this entire time. Yay Me! I was the one that needed to give myself the chance to slow down and accept what has scared me for years. Trying to explain my gift has been challenging. I feel relieved now that I am putting myself out there. It’s a feeling I can’t quite explain because it is that wonderful. I am finally true to myself!

Think of me as a translator for your “Spirit Council”. I relay messages that come from Above. That’s all. I get signs from what spirits show and tell me and I interpret them. Then we can collaborate and think outside the box to figure out what Spirit is communicating. We are then able to piece the story together. I always refer to this as Spirit Charades. Clients tell me that after a reading they are still putting clues together for weeks. Some say the experience has touched their lives and promoted healing, more than they could have imagined. They say they feel like they’ve known me forever, which is one of the biggest compliments anyone could ever give me.

I am so grateful and appreciative that you have taken the time to read my story. This journey hasn’t been easy for me. The reason I share so much is because I want people to understand that my abilities did not develop overnight. I am constantly evolving and learning as I go. I look forward to using my gifts to help people understand that their Loved Ones, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Angels from above are with them and are consistently showing signs and symbols that they are around. This is why going to see an Intuitive often helps the human brain to connect to the spiritual world.

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A Hybrid session is a combination of Spiritual Life Coaching and Mediumship. We connect with your “Spirit Council”, both your loved ones as well as your Spirit Guides. Often they assist with difficult questions or help you make choices when you encounter a speedbump, as well as validate life choices. They help us navigate what needs to be paid attention to or what guidance they see that’s needed to help you live your best life as well as cheer you on. 

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This type of session often helps with answers and closure for many clients. I use my gift to bridge between our world and the spirit world. I DO NOT EVER CHANNEL DARK ENERGY. I am a fourth generation intuitive guide. It is a spiritual experience that seeks to validate, console, heal and offer “Love from Above.”

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